COOL LIVE Privacy Policy

Scope of this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is applicable to how COOL LIVE handles personally identifiable information that is left when you log in to the website and server, as well as other personally identifiable information shared with our business partners.

This privacy policy constitutes an integral part of COOL LIVE User Agreement and must be read together with COOL LIVE User Agreement.

Account Information

You may avail some of our services without creating a COOL LIVE account,

If you create a COOL LIVE account by connecting with a third-party service, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google,, Instagram , Snapchat or if you connect a COOL LIVE account with a third-party account, we will use information from such third-party service, including your third-party service user name, gender, profile image and birthday.

Certain information will be displayed publicly on your profile page, such as your user name, and who you are following. Your recent videos will also be displayed publicly on your profile page Location

We require your location information, so that we only show you friends near you History

We will keep record of your interests, such as your viewing history, to recommend contents that may interest you. We will also keep record of the virtual gift you send or receive on COOL LIVE for the gift system to function.

Device Information

COOL LIVE automatically receives and records additional information about your device, such as device model. We will use such information to detect abnormal activities and prevent security breach. We will also use such information to identify a banned account or device.

Data collection and account deletion

We respect privacy and since we have paid services, we do not collect your data and do not use it for marketing or otherwise. In the event that you want to delete your account with us, you can email us via the following email: [email protected], and your account and all the data associated with us will be deleted.In the message, attach the following to us in order to verify your account 1- The ID number inside the application 2- The email associated with your Facebook account We will send you a link after confirmation to delete your account in the linked Facebook.

Information Shared by You

Most communications on COOL LIVE are public and some may be immediately viewed by others. Therefore, you should think twice before sharing any sensitive information.

Children Protection

COOL LIVE is not directed to children, and if you are under the minimum age as specified in COOL LIVE User Agreement, you may not create a COOL LIVE account or use COOL LIVE services.

How to Manage Your Personal Information

The privacy settings allow you to control whether or not to share certain information and whether you may be found by certain COOL LIVE function.

You may download the short videos you have shared through our Services. If you need to download your short videos on a massive basis (more than 100 videos), please email us. You will need to use other services in order to record or download your live streaming that is conducted through our Services.

You may modify your account information on your profile page.

If you believe the personal information we have about you is inaccurate, you may also email us to update such inaccurate information.

You may also deactivate your account by emailing to us. Once your account is deactivated, you will not be able to restore your account again.

Please note that third parties may still retain copies of your information even after your account is deactivated.

If your account is deactivated due to your violation of our Terms of Use, we may retain certain information (such as device information, phone number) to prevent you from accessing our Services again.


I. The protection of user privacy is a fundamental policy of COOL LIVE. COOL LIVE guarantees that it will not publicly disclose or provide a third party with your non-public information, unless in the following circumstances as follows:

a) When prior express authorization is obtained from you;

b) When and as required by prevailing laws and/or regulations;

c) When and as required by relevant competent authorities of the government;

d) When it is necessary to safeguard the public interest;

e) When it is necessary to protect the safety of any person (including you);

f) When it is necessary to address fraud, security or technical issues; and

g) When it is necessary to safeguard the legal rights and interests of COOL LIVE.

II. COOL LIVE may collaborate with a third party (an affiliate or otherwise) to provide you with relevant Services. In this scenario, COOL LIVE has the right to share your information with a third party, if the third party agrees to bear responsibility for providing privacy protection no less favorable to that of COOL LIVE.

III. Under the condition that no private information of an individual user is disclosed, COOL LIVE has the right to analyze the entire user database and utilize the database for commercial purposes.

Contact Information

You may reach us via the following email address: [email protected]

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

COOL LIVE periodically makes changes to the privacy policy. And the current version will be found at the following link: About us>Privacy Policy. By continuing to avail our Services, you agree to be bound by the revised Privacy Policy